I Love Reading.

I've enjoyed reading for most of my life. About ¾ through my Ph.D. I realised I was only reading about research - be it papers or textbooks. This saddened me.

So - I made a challenge to myself to try and read 2 books a month in the final year of my Ph.D., which probably helped keep me sane in my thesis writing months! I've decided to continue reading in a goal based fashion, to make sure I don't just work, nor just watch netflix!

My lovely wife and I enjoy spending time together each week reviewing books too, click here for a YouTube playlist of our reviews.

I've written a little myself in recent years - here are links to the ever-updated Overleaf links. Please consider these copyright to myself, all rights reserved, unless I state otherwise [1][2].

Please note, I considering "reading" and "listening to audiobooks" to be the same thing. Don't be a petty gatekeeper. The only time, I admit, reading text in a literal sense is "better", is when you're reading dense material, such as research. I learned this myself when attempting to listen to Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. Each sentence is teeming with wisdom, and you need time to contemplate each carefully written word. But - for most reading - audiobooks are simply more convenient, though I still love reading a physical book, too.

The following data was taken from BookSirens - great website for calculating stats on your GoodReads ratings and reviews

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The Blinding Knife
The Martian

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Winged Victory
The Sword of Dragons
The Way of Kings
Words of Radiance
The Dark Elf Trilogy Collector's Edition
The Name of the Wind
The Chrononaut
The Keeper of the Crows
The Wrath of Lords
The Will of Queens
A Sound In The Dark
The City of Thieves
Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
The Republic
Fight Club

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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Comparative Programming Languages
Charlotte's Web
The Black Prism
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King
The Hobbit, or There and Back Again
Modern operating systems
The Art of War
Marx: Philosophy in an Hour
Of Mice and Men
The FastTrack to Human-Computer Interaction
Applied Operating System Concepts, Windows XP Update
Discovering Computers 2010: Living in a Digital World, Introductory
Romeo and Juliet
Liferay in Action: The Official Guide to Liferay Portal Development
The Lovely Bones
Sword of Destiny
The Last Wish

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