I am a research associate (RA) at the University of Michigan State.

I have produced impactful research with industrial partners and built a foundation for future collaboration.

My goals are to produce impactful and novel research, and learn as much as I can so I can give back to the field with novel research.


  • Reid, K.N., Li, J., Swan, J., McCormick, A. and Owusu, G., 2016, December. Variable Neighbourhood Search: A case study for a highly-constrained workforce scheduling problem. In Computational Intelligence (SSCI), 2016 IEEE Symposium Series on (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

  • Reid, K.N., Li, J., Veerapen, N., Swan, J., McCormick, A., Kern, M. and Owusu, G. 2018, September. Shift Scheduling and Employee Rostering: An Evolutionary Ruin & Recreate Solution. In Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CEEC), 2018. IEEE.

  • Reid, K.N., Li, J., Brownlee, A., Veerapen, N., Swan, J., Kern, M. and Owusu, G. 2019, July. A Hybrid Metaheuristic Approach to a Real World Employee Scheduling Problem. GECCO’19: The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2019. ACM, 201

  • Reid, K.N., 2019, July. Metaheuristics for Solving Real World Employee Rostering and Shift Scheduling Problems. - Thesis

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